Wednesday Webinar Series

All In: Tips and Strategies From People Way Smarter Than Me

Dr. Mike Geran will be sharing tips and strategies from some of the coaches and consultants he has used over the past 25 years. Real world tips on how to grow your influence and your business. 

About Dr. Mike:

• Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (go Pistons!)
• Went to Detroit Catholic Central High School (go Shamrocks!)
• Loves serving in the Travelers Rest community
• Loves joking and having fun with kids in his office
• President of Gateway Elementary School Improvement Council
• Has served on the George I. Theisen YMCA Advisory Board for many years
• Enjoys spending time with his wife Katherine and 2 sons, Jack and Ben
• Love playing board games
• Loves all things Detroit sports
• Enjoys helping other business owners grow their businesses
• Is an avid reader of success and personal development books
• Loves traveling with his family